The origin of Blackjack

Blackjack is basically a simple card game and it would therefore not be strange to assume that it has been around a very long time. In the 14th century, various card games already existed. The card game was not a common “game, as is the case with others. Cards were handmade, a time consuming and costly job, after the mid-15th century the printing press became known, that changed very quickly. It was in the seventies of the 14th century, banned in several European cities, probably because the city councils of the many quarrels, which arose from, were tired. We may assume that playing for big money or possessions was certainly no exception.

Everyone has heard of Don Quixote, the wandering, fighting against windmills, and knight of the stories of the Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes. These Cervantes described at the beginning of the 17th century for the first time, a game we might call blackjack. It was called ventiuna (21) and that is the number where it’s all about blackjack. In our country, and in many other countries, many people know the game is still called 21. Cervantes confirms our suspicion that card playing for money was common and, in his story, cheating as well, for there were his key players, two itinerant rascals.

In casino blackjack

After the French Revolution (1789) was vingt-et-un increasingly popular in France. Then around 1900 the great migration took place from Europe to America, the French took the game with them. French immigrants in America often attracted to the vicinity of New Orleans. There were soon casinos set up, where the vingt-et-un was introduced. It was a very spectacular game for a casino and therefore devised a bonus for this, which they obtained as a combination was recovered with an ace and a black farmer, a black jacket. The game quickly got that name and even in our days has remained so. The game has become a blackjack for a combination of Ace and Jack, of whatever colour. It is also called a natural. The game has gained immense popularity and is played almost everywhere in the world. In the Barona Casino in San Diego is even a Blackjack Hall of Fame set. In American casinos, games played with different amounts (from 1 to 6 stocks), different rules may apply. This is a confusing feature of Blackjack; there are huge variations in circulation.

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