Craps Profiles: Sharp Shooter

Sharp Shooter is the name of a craps expert and author who is an advocate of a dice control method. Although most systems are designed to casino games to win, based on betting systems or precisely predict the outcome or a set of results from a given hand or turn, it is the intention of dice control the player the outcome physically changing the benefit of the player. If a player can do, it seems as though they would not stop house edge, thus reducing die control so interesting despite no real evidence of its effectiveness.

The Sharp Shooter method

Sharp Shooter is in favor of the “pitch perfect pitch” which, at the end of 90 years has developed. According Sharpshooter can throw, with one player in a certain way to stand and die in a certain way to keep and throw the dice the back wall of the craps table shaved instead of struggling to bounce and at a predetermined way countries.

Dice Control Learning

Sharpshooter, sometimes with his partner Jerry Patterson, has written books in which he explains dice control. His most popular book is “Get the Edge at Craps – How to Control the Dice” [Get the margin at craps – how the die controls] that was published in 2002. Sharpshooter has videos on dice control and he has given workshops on. His Sharpshooter / PARR Dice Control classes are widely discussed in craps shooters in Nevada. When looking for online casinos to play at remember that there are a couple who offer casino deposit bonuses to craps players as well.

Sharp Shooter’s Background

Sharp Shooter claims that his background as an engineer helped him to the physics of the throw of a dice in a way to understand that his method is more likely than others. He claims that casino personnel know dice control works, but only his method effective enough to work in casinos. The truth is debatable.

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