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If you have ever played poker you will know how popular and exciting this classic world famous card game can be. If you have never played poker before but always wanted to or if you have played a little bit but would like to expand your poker horizons then poker video may be just what you are looking for.

Poker video is all about poker. Poker video is the most up to date and modern version of an old well-loved classic. Poker is well known all over the world and has been featured in almost every Wild West movie ever made. In its traditional version poker is still played around a conventional table using real cards, it is hands down the most popular table card game in the majority of casinos around the world.

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More details about video poker

There are two ways to think of how poker video the first instance poker video can be thought of as an online resource, an instructional video detailing the various styles, types and formats of modern day and traditional forms of poker from land based casino formats to online and video poker formats.

The second instance is the ever popular poker video game. Poker video was developed in the mid nineteen seventies and fast became one of the most popular poker formats to play. Unlike traditional poker which is harder to understand depending on which style one is playing, poker video version is a lot more simplified.

How does video poker work

The poker video gambling machine format relies on two main components. The first component is the television style monitor and housing. This is how the final product appears and is recognized by players. The second component is the actual digital processor, this can be thought of as the ‘brains of the poker video machine.

In order to play poker video players need to either feed coins into a slot, this is only pertinent for older machines, or by means of a paper or plastic card which is pre-paid and contains a certain amount of credits. Once credits have been placed in a bet the player draws or selects a certain amount of cards, usually about five, if a final hand matches a pre-determined table then that winning hand is rewarded with a relative value in credits.

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