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History of Craps – The origin of Craps in the Middle Ages

The History of Craps goes much further back than the time immigrants of America. Even at the time of the Middle Ages. In the time of the Crusades, a game by the name of “azzahr” is mentioned. This game would later manifest itself as the game Hazard in the United States. Hazard was originally an English game, although there are stories that the Arabs attribute to hazard. Never become entirely clear who has introduced the game. Craps event grew into a classic. The English played the game through the centuries. At any of the fair play casinos out there you will find that they have the standard bets only and nothing funny. Many wealthy Englishmen lost their entire existence to the game with the dice.

History of Craps – Craps takes to the street

When Craps finally hit the street later at a later stage, it was at this point in its history that it inherited the name Street Craps. The game was not initially in the casinos, but played on the streets, hence its name. The game soon became very popular among the local population and would eventually find its way to the casinos.

Now there was in addition to the normal Craps, Bank Craps it was called, suddenly a half version. Street Craps played on the street was a simple game that you could easily play in the street while Bank Craps many more features and actually had a craps table to be played.

Bank Craps proved to be more tailored to the casino life. It was further expanded with additional rules and dice. In this way, the game had more structure and had a better chance in the Casinos. Bank Craps is the variant as we know it today, with shooters, boxmen and dealers. If you play at a free cash casino you need to remember that the wagering requirements usually exclude playing craps. At Bank Craps players played well only against the house and not against each other.

History of Craps – The emergence of online Craps

Craps Street seemed the worst of many to go to the enhanced variant Bank Craps. It was the thanks to the invention of the Internet and the online casinos that street craps did breathe new life. In almost all online casinos these days you have the option of this version of Craps online play.

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